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Otaku,Cats lover and of course the founder of www.t3chpro.com "When life gets hard.. just Watercool and OVERCLOCK !"

A Japanese Gamer Leaves His Super Nintendo ON For 20 Years

Umihara Kawase was released for the Super Famicom (Super NES in the west) in December, 1994, just 20 years ago.As you know, some cartridge games from the 90s featured a fatal flaw in their storage and the batteries keeping player saving theirs data eventually dies. A Japanese Gamer had this  …

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Add Youtube Twitter Google+ App to your facebook page

Hi,In this quick article I will be showing how to add Twitter, Google+ and Youtube Apps or Widgets to your facebook page, so you and your fans can check directly your tweets, google plus post and youtube channel videos. So just follow the steps on this tutorial and you will be …

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CrossOver : Run Windows Programs On Your Android Device

CodeWeavers will release an app on Android OS capable of running windows application.This app will be called “CrossOver”. CrossOver was the result of coperation between CodeWeavers and the creator of Wine project which also has the ability to open windows software on Linux and Mac OS.CrossOver will be released later …

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Augmented reality drawings

Researchers at Disney have created a tablet app that allows children to colour in characters that pop out of their books in real-time. The software is based on  Unity games engine . This app will work for both iOS and Android devices.“The Swiss-based team told the BBC that it hopes …

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FarCry Primal Trailer And Release Date

Less then 1& half year since FarCry 4 is released, here we are with the next title of this Franchise which is FarCry Primal.FarCry Primal  is set in 10,000 BC, in the Stone Age, where humans began to use stones to create tools for their daily life, and a time …

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Moto360 2nd gen : A Smart Watch you should buy

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about my opinion on smart watches. To be honest I was never excited about any smart watches on the market and I was considering Smart watches as a new  way to make people more lazy by looking on their watches instead of …

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LG V10 The New Device By LG

Today , LG will host an event where we might see the announce of the V10 smartphone. According to what @evleaks share, LG change the design this time.  As you can see,the picture above show a textured plastic backside with some sort of kelvar or carbon fiber.I think the body …

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