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Best Video Editing Laptops

  Video Editing, is a required task that always depends mostly on the strength of modifying the real videos . In the past only,  desktops could be used to Editing videos. Today , new and powerful laptops are available and Video Editors can use them. When Choosing the best Laptop …

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New Zen Chipsets Spotted!

The new Zen chipset has been spotted! Mind you it’s the chipset on the motherboard not the actual CPUs. But before we dive into it let’s explore the actual new AM4 APUs that have been released and will be available on the AM4 platform. As shown in the table above, …

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Intel KabyLake: What should you expect?

Intel KabyLake, the new lineup of 14nm CPUs, was apparently previewed at IDF last week but the attendees had to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so they couldn’t talk about it. Nonetheless, it has ended today and the new lineup that would finally break the old Intel “Tick Tock” …

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Transistors: How Are They Made?

In my last article about CPUs which you can check out here, I briefly mentioned how CPUs are made as well as transistors which is the topic of today’s article. A minor knowledge in physics is needed, although I’ll mention most of it while going through it. So as I …

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Fully Fonctioning 329 USD MacOS Laptop!

    What is it? The HacBook Elite, which is a Fully Fonctioning 329 USD MacOS Laptop, is a so-called Hackintosh laptop that’s capable to run macOS and is quick enough to boot in only 15 seconds. It comes inside a HP laptop case and is fully upgradable after purchase, …

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CPU Terminologies and what they mean

You may have heard about these words or seen them in some articles before, but asked yourself: What do they even mean? In this article we’re going to talk about some CPU Terminologies and what they mean 1. Clock (“Frequency”) CPUs don’t randomly process instructions every time they have a …

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GTX 1080 Official Benchmarks : The new performance king

The wait is over! The new Pascal GPU, the GTX 1080, hits the market today and the NDA has been lifted on every content creator that had the chance to get a 1080 before launch. So have Nvidia’s claims been true? Let’s first get a physical tour of the GPU …

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7 and 5nm Manufacturing Process In 2020?

We have been sitting around for ages at the two digit size of CPU wafers. But that’s about to change… According to the ambitious Co-CEO Mark Liu, the company is planning on releasing 7nm by 2018 and 5 nm by 2020. No information on availability yet but the company has …

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The CPU of The Year

 One of the most important pieces in PCs is certainly the CPU.Today , I am going to show you the best CPUs of 2015  starting from the low budget CPU to the expensive one. •Low Category 40$-100$ :     Intel Celeron G1820 “40$”    Intel Pentium G3258 Anniversary Edition “70$” …

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