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Alienware Refreshes Laptops

Alienware is keeping a tight lid on the 13 at the moment, so this article will focus on the two larger models. Though the frame update looks like a mild refresh , there’s a big changes: The hinge has been moved forward for better thermals ( all the  hot spell …

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Wireless HTC Vive everyone!

The HTC is unarguably the best consumer VR experience at the moment: With its 90Hz 2560 x 1200 screen, amazing controllers and super accurate trackers. The only thing that seemed to bug everyone is this:   The uncanny wires! D: Although a lot of manufacturers seem to be jumping on …

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Properly Reviewing Gaming Mice

When looking for a new mouse, most people will on YouTube to check their favorite TechTuber and hear their opinion about some mouse they wanted to pick. While it’s easy and enough for most people, most TechTubers are not properly reviewing gaming mice. And a proper review is crucial for …

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Nvidia quietly launching 3GB GTX 1060

      Nvidia quietly launching 3GB GTX 1060 version, but that’s not all! In order to meet the $200 price tag to compete with its rival the RX 480, it has some other slight downgrades The GTX 1060 3GB, as the name implies, is limited to a 3GB RAM …

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SteelSeries Apex M500 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review

SteelSeries Apex M500 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review SteelSeries is a reputable manufacturers of gaming peripherals .The company is a little bit  late into the mechanical keyboards market,because they were focusing on advanced membrane keyboards .Recently,SteemSeries released the Apex M500, a high performance no-frills mechanical keyboard. The Apex M500 is coming …

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GTX 1080 Official Benchmarks : The new performance king

The wait is over! The new Pascal GPU, the GTX 1080, hits the market today and the NDA has been lifted on every content creator that had the chance to get a 1080 before launch. So have Nvidia’s claims been true? Let’s first get a physical tour of the GPU …

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The Elder Scrolls VI Or Fallout 5 ?

After its two massively successful franchises, The Elder Scrolls V and Fallout 4, Bethesda may announce The Elder Scrolls VI or some news about the Fallout 5 on E3 this June.  It was only rumors specially after  GeekSnack long  post where you can find a lunch box in Fallout 4 …

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Intel could dump Nvidia for a licensing deal with AMD

  Intel could dump Nvidia and go  for a licensing deal with AMD. Intel is now under a licensing agreement with Nvidia signed  in 2011 with a cost  of 1.5 billion dollars after  spending years fighting each other in courts. This Licensing agreement will expire on March 17,2017. Barron’s website …

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