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Intel could dump Nvidia for a licensing deal with AMD

  Intel could dump Nvidia and go  for a licensing deal with AMD. Intel is now under a licensing agreement with Nvidia signed  in 2011 with a cost  of 1.5 billion dollars after  spending years fighting each other in courts. This Licensing agreement will expire on March 17,2017. Barron’s website …

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Sony’s Projector Turns Any Flat Surface Into A TouchScreen

  Sony Future Lab, which is basically  an R&D section designed to bring in products of the future. Sony proved that it is ahead of the competition, because Future Lab has just introduced its latest innovation which is a next-generation projector that has the capability to turn any flat surface …

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LG G5: A Smartphone That Make Android Exciting Again

Today,  at Play Begins event in MWC 2016 in Barcelona, LG unveiled its new flagship  Android Smartphone which is the  LG G5. LG G5 came with a new fresh design and coupled with tons of new accessories and plug-in modules. With LG G5 you can simply slide out the battery …

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Facebook Test The Dislike Button In Japan

A while ago we heard about the new feature which Facebook planed to add to users which is the Dislike button. This new option came after what the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg mention about some facebook posts which represent violence or death by saying ‘Not every moment is a …

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PS4 is Hacked using Linux

Recently a famous group of hackers fail0verflow  managed to breach and hack  Sony PS4. I should mention that these hackers did also hacked dthe PS3 five years ago.fail0verflow did customized Linux to make this hack successful and you can find the Linux version used in this hack HERE fail0verflow played …

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Nvidia unveils Pascal. But is it good?

 So this week was a very interesting one from Fnatics announcing their peripheral lineup to AMD bundling StarWars: Battlefront with their Fury cards. But the most interesting news were from Nvidia. The company was teasing us with little info about their new Pascal GPU lineup and the completely different architecture …

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PoWiFi: Transmit Internet and Power With Your Router

A new  technology Called “PoWiF”i came earlier this year. After a group of researchers published a new paper talking about a way to harvest energy from WiFi signals and power some devices like temperature sensor, a low-res gray-scale camera …etc, a team of engineers at the University of Washington confirm …

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Fnatics announce their new peripheral lineup

Yesterday, the famous Swedish E-Sports team Fnatics, announced their new proprietary gaming peripherals. The new lineup apparently consists of 4 pieces:-The Fnatics “Flick” gaming mouse: This mouse’s name is obviously taken from the term “flickshot” which actually is kind of a selling point, it has one of the best sensors …

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Remotely Turn Off Any Android Device By Sending SMS

Android Devices are the most popular devices in this world because it’s cheaper and the operation system gives the users multiple choices and customization. One of these features is the one which we are going to talk about in this tutorial. In this post I am going to show you how …

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