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Know What Your Partner Type Before He Send it With Hiboo

What if you can see what your partner about to type before he send it?. Well this is actually possible now with an application called Hiboo which is now available only on iOS plateform (iPhone, iPad), but we will surely see this application on the Android market soon.The concept behind Hiboo …

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5 Android Shortcuts To Do Things Faster

We love android, and we use it everyday in our devices so how about 5 shortcuts which can make you able to do certain actions faster?. These are 5 Android Shortcuts To Do Things Faster. 1-Turn on the Do Not Disturb mode using one button  (marshmallow only) : To turn …

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Moto360 2nd gen : A Smart Watch you should buy

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about my opinion on smart watches. To be honest I was never excited about any smart watches on the market and I was considering Smart watches as a new  way to make people more lazy by looking on their watches instead of …

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LG V10 The New Device By LG

Today , LG will host an event where we might see the announce of the V10 smartphone. According to what @evleaks share, LG change the design this time.  As you can see,the picture above show a textured plastic backside with some sort of kelvar or carbon fiber.I think the body …

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Rumor: Google will Launch a Pixel C Tablet this year

Google will launch later this year, maybe on November a new device which is not , according to some rumor, a chromebook but  a 10.2″ display Tablet featuring Android 6.0 , NVIDIA-made Tegra X1 processor with 3GB of LPDDR4 RAM and of course a USB Type-C port. This Pixel tablet will have the same …

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