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1080Ti CES 2017 Launch Rumors

Yes. More GPU rumors. I’m sorry. But this one is very interesting (Like I haven’t said that in all of them already), because the rumored 1080Ti information, that we covered here, seemed to be somewhat reasonable even though the screenshot that started the whole discussion was probably faked. But according …

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GTX 1080Ti Information Leaked

Back when we had 1050 information leaks, everyone thought that there would be no way for any other card in the meantime to be released or announced because we’ve had enough of them for the past 2 months that reviews have saturated our YouTube subscription box to the point where …

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GTX 1050 Leaked Information

As expected, Nvidia are continuing their trend of releasing the 50 series GPUs after the launch of their flagships. Earlier this year it has been rumored that it won’t be launching, for some reason, but as you can see now: We have some GTX 1050 leaked information and specs. Table …

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Drupe adds call recording

Drupe has added a new feature it’s call recording, which offers an emotional  interface for contacting people using your voice and text messaging services from a simple  screen. It works like a charisma and is as easy to use as swiping right.   Drupe has combined a setting to activate your speakerphone automatically …

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PAX West Day One Roundup

(Sorry if this is confusing, this is a first day roundup according to 0+GMT) The LCD Sidepanel As we said yesterday on our article on this (Which you can find here) on the matter. The technology has existed for ages but no opportunity seemed to present itself. iBUYPOWER decided it’s time… …

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iBUYPOWER Display First Ever LCD Case SideWindow

Yes, you read it right: iBUYPOWER Display First Ever LCD Case SideWindow on the show floor at PAX West!   For the people who don’t particularly know how monitors work this may be surprising and seem revolutionary for them, but a quick Google about transparent display will tell you a whole …

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Alienware Refreshes Laptops

Alienware is keeping a tight lid on the 13 at the moment, so this article will focus on the two larger models. Though the frame update looks like a mild refresh , there’s a big changes: The hinge has been moved forward for better thermals ( all the  hot spell …

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Intel KabyLake: What should you expect?

Intel KabyLake, the new lineup of 14nm CPUs, was apparently previewed at IDF last week but the attendees had to sign an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so they couldn’t talk about it. Nonetheless, it has ended today and the new lineup that would finally break the old Intel “Tick Tock” …

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